Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Body. Mind. Spirit. People. Place. Planet. 

Wellbeing has exploded out of years of campaigning to raise awareness of our mental health, the changing world of social media, its negative and positive effect on young people, and fears of an increasingly stressed society. But when we strip it right back to its raw state, what does it even mean?

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, wellbeing is; “The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”. It is a positive, physical, social and mental state; it is not just the absence of pain, discomfort and incapacity. It demands basic needs are met, purpose is created, and people feel the ability to achieve their goals. 

Wellbeing encompasses all elements of life, work and play, and is directly affected by health, relationships, personal security, employment, environment and finances. 

The Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival has gathered a host of local and national experts, professional practitioners and services that will provide the opportunity for all participants to learn and engage in what wellbeing means to them, from every facet of its meaning across the week.

The festival will also provide a platform for local businesses and experts to promote an overall awareness of the various aspects of wellbeing, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellbeing.

Through our talks, seminars, events and workshops, the festival will give recognition to our local champions and professional practitioners in this growing sector; and will shine a light on charities and social enterprises working hard in their own specific areas of wellbeing.

The festival will also provide a variety of ways for local businesses and organisations to add value to their internal workplace wellbeing initiatives, to strengthen their commitment to valued employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Just scroll through our pages on the website and take a look at the amazing brands, venues and people we have brought together, to help you explore and achieve better wellbeing at the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival 2019. 

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