Monday 9th September



Ice Cream For Breakfast 

In Conversation With...

Join Author Suzy Reading, and local mumboss' and entrepreneurs Kate Starkey, Nicki Ryder and Tania Swift, who will come together to host a very special morning for mothers, to show you how to prioritise time for yourself and find joy in the every day.

Date: Monday 9th September 

Venue: Malmaison
Address: Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham GL50 3AS

Price: £20.00 *Includes Refreshments 



Finding Your Joy

In Conversation With...

Enjoy a unique evening of insight, discussion and debate hosted by Kimberley Pena MA RDMP, with our expert panel on; 'How To Find Your Joy and Purpose'.

Join author, psychologist and author of 'Grow Your Own Happiness' Deborah Smith, and entrepreneur and associate lecturer Nicole Clewer as they share ideas and stories about how we can experience more joy in our everyday lives, find our purpose and realise the opportunity and world that awaits.

Date: Monday 9th September 

Venue: The Queens Hotel
Address:  The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NN

Price: £15.00 *Includes welcome drinks and canapes

Tuesday 10th September

Gelong Thubten.jpg

19.00hr - 20.30hr

Monday 9th Sept.

Author Series

A Monk’s Guide to Happiness 

Join Buddhist monk and meditation expert to the stars, Gelong Thubten, for an hour of meditation exploration including a live meditation session’

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Everyone looks externally to find contentment we think material possessions will unlock our happiness. Gelong Thubten, author of ‘A Monk’s Guide to Happiness’ explains how and 

why we need to look within, and connect to our true essence, in order to find peace. Everyone has the potential to be happy, after all, we’re all ‘hardwired’ for happiness.

Come and Hear Gelong's story and experience a live meditation session where he will explain how to bring meditation into our busy 21st century lives with simple exercises.

VENUE:  The House at 131
Address:  131 The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NW

Price: £26.00

Spaces Available: 60 *includes welcome drinks and guided meditation



Good Grief

In Conversation With...

Whether we are grieving for a loved one or for a time in our lives that has passed, each loss we face brings with it an element of change.  Join the Cotswolds' very own hypnotherapist Dipti Tait, author of Good Grief, who will share her journey through the grief of losing both her parents. How ultimately she overcame it and how you too can create a new positive pathway.  

Date: Tuesday 9th September

Venue: Malmaison
Address: Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham  GL50 3AS

Price: £10.00

Jonathan Hoban_Author photo_Aug 2018 - c

19.00hr - 20.30hr

Tuesday 10th Sept.

Author Series

Walk with Your Wolf

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Unlock your intuition, confidence & power with Jonathan Hoban

Leading London-based psychotherapist and Walking Therapy pioneer, Jonathan Hoban, is here to explain how you can use walking as a form of therapy in order to eradicate stress, reconnect with nature and find much-needed mental space and calm.

VENUE:  The House at 131
Address:  131 The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NW

Price: £26.00

Spaces Available: 60 includes welcome drinks and canapes



Money Matters

In Conversation With...

Financial instability, debt and embarrassment can impact on your overall wellbeing. Come and learn how to 'Master Your Money' with; Young Money founder Iona Bain, Financial empowerment coach Cat Plummer, author of 'You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich' Emilie Bellet, senior partner of Corinthian Wealth Management Emma Stevens,  and HSBC's Financial Wellbeing consultant Edyta Kryso, who will share their expertise and provide advice, perspective and practical tips to help you better manage your money at every stage of life.

Date: Tuesday 9th September

Venue: The Queens Hotel
Address:  The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NN

Price: £FREE

Courtesy of our Sponsors Corinthian Wealth Management 

Ticket *Includes welcome drinks and canapes 

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An Evening With SLG 

Cultivating a Happy Workplace 

Award-winning local business SLG will host an evening of enlightenment, discussion and creativity on how to cultivate a happy, productive workplace.

Guest Speakers Include: Miles Dunkley, SLG Brands, Ben Channon Architect and author of Happy by Design, and Tim White of Modus Workspace who will share their expertise on how architecture and design can make us happy and support mental health.

VENUE: SLG Offices
Address: The Brewery Quarter


By Invitation Only if you would like to attend please email 

Spaces Available: 100

Wednesday 11th September



One Size Doesn't Fit All

How You Can Achieve Optimal Health

In Conversation With...

When it comes to well-being one size doesn't fit all. Our health is determined by our inherent differences combined with our lifestyles and environment, so how do you achieve optimal health? According to research, the medicine of the future will no longer be remedial, it will be preventive; not based on drugs but on personalised testing and nutrition for health.  

This unique discussion brings together a host of experts including functional medicine specialists Dr Ranulf Crooke and Dr Simon Whiteside of Cotswold Optimal Health Clinic, multi-award winning nutritionist hormone and gut health specialist Rosie Letts, and fitness trainer, lifestyle coach and consultant to the Haybarn Spa at Daylesford, James Golden - AKA ‘The Fitness Pro’, Kimberley Pena MA RDMP, to explore personalised health, to help you to heal from the inside out and achieve optimal health and wellness.

Date: Wednesday 11th September 

Venue: The Queens Hotel
Address:  The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NN

Price: £29.00 *Includes welcome drinks and canapes 


19.00hr - 20.30hr

Wednesday 11th Sept.

Author Series

‘How To Build A Healthy Brain’

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Kimberley Wilson reveals the secrets to protecting your brain and future-proofing your mental health

Whatever your age, having a healthy brain is the key to a happy and healthy life. Join Harley Street psychologist Kimberley Wilson for a talk about how to care for your grey matter and combat the onset of dementia, mental health issues and much more.

With simple steps and takeaways, as well as the science simplified, these are the tools we need to protect our brains for the future

VENUE:  The House at 131
Address:  131 The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NW

Price: £26.00

Spaces Available: 60 includes welcome drinks and canapes 

Thursday 12th September

Well spoken.jpg


Start-Up Career Day

Working in Wellness

Career Day 

If you are or looking to work in the wellness industry, this inspirational event will gather founders, owners and experts in wellness to share their insights, strategies and advice to launch and grow your brand.  

Hosted by wellness business experts WellDefined, you will hear from Sarah Greenidge founder of industry standard mark 'Wellspoken', Fab Gioventti founder of 'The Health Bloggers Community', Yvonne Radley of 'Big Me Up Media', Sara Milne Rowe productivity coach and author of The Shed Method, as well as a variety of local business heroes who will share their expertise, insights, and strategies for success. 


Dates: Thursday 12th September 
Venue: Malamison 

Address:  Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham GL50 3AS

Price: £68.00 *Includes, breakfast, lunch, refreshments and after session networking drinks and workshops. 

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Invisible Women 

Don't lose your sense of identity as you age, learn how to grow up (not older), with grace, security and adventure.

Making the best of middle age isn't as simple as most of us would like. Many women reaching the age of 40 will tell you, hitting middle age is the moment when you feel like you begin to fade from view.  From the psychological side of feeling less significant in the world and battling ageism in the workplace, to the physical aspect of feeling like you no longer look like your youthful self. 

In this series we will challenge the misconceptions and prejudices around ageing, as we welcome the incredibly witty Helen Wamsley Johnson, author of 'The Invisible Women',  Tricia Cusden, founder of 'Look Fabulous Forever' and Susie Mackie, local business woman and inspirational founder of the movement 'Women of Spirit', a community that aims to inspire and empower women to develop a healthy sense of self and to know their true worth. This evening will be full of wit and vitality, that will reinvent ageing and teach you not how to avoid it, but how to enjoy it, grow with it, and thrive.

Dates: Thursday 12th September

Venue: The Queens Hotel

Address: The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NN

Price: £29.00 *Includes welcome drinks and canapes 

Spaces Available: 100

Saturday 14th September

Amy Rushworth.jpg


Thursday 12.09.19

Unapologetically You

How to Be Your Most Authentic Self

Main Stage: Self-Care

Welcome to an evening of empowerment with the UK's leading confidence, transformation, self-worth and empowerment expert hosted by Kimberley Pena MA RDMP who will guide you on how to ignite your confidence, transform your life and manifest your dreams. Amy supports people who are unfulfilled, lost and burnt out to break free — from the fear of being judged, rejection, perfectionism, failure, childhood wounds, overthinking, comparison and self-sabotage — so they can fire up fierce confidence, purpose, pleasure, self-love, freedom and a future that’s more abundant than their wildest dreams. 

Date: Thursday 12th September

Venue: Hotel Du Vin
Address:  Parabola Rd, Cheltenham GL50 3AH

Price: £16.50 *includes welcome drink 

Max La Manna.jpg

19.00hr - 20.30hr

Thursday 12th Sept.

Author Series

'More Plants Less Waste'

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An evening with Max La Manna, zero waste chef and sustainability advocate, inviting us to channel the MORE PLANTS LESS WASTE mindset and discover a stronger purpose in our daily routines. 

Join Max La Manna, zero waste chef and sustainability advocate, to find out tips and hacks for cutting back on plastic, purposeful cooking ideas and how he bridges the gap between vegan food and waste-free cooking. Max makes looking after the planet fun!

This evening will include easy tips to achieving a more sustainable way of living, as well as the chance to try delicious tasters from his book More Plants, Less Waste providing the life tools you need to add value to what you already own and set you on the path to living more sustainably.

VENUE:  The House at 131
Address:  131 The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NW

Price: £26.00

Spaces Available: 60 includes welcome drinks and tasters from Max's menu

Saturday 15th September

Dr Louise Newson WH.jpg



You're Not Going Mad, You're Menopausal: 

Why we need to talk about pre and peri-menopause. 

In Conversation With Lunch...

Hosted by Dr Louise Newson, a menopause specialist and founder of The Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon, we invite you to join us in a luxurious ladies lunch, where Dr Newson will be joined by a panel of esteemed experts including; Diane Danzebrink responsible for the parliamentary campaign; #makemenopausematter,  Jane Lewis, author of “Me & My Menopausal Vagina” who will share her hilarious and candid view on the subject, and Nutritionist Emma Ellice-Flint, and local practitioner Andrea Marsh of Cotswold Menopausewho will cut through the confusion and discuss the symptoms, treatments and impact going through the menopause has on your body, life and your emotions. 

Date: Saturday 14th September

Venue: Queens Hotel
Address:  The Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NN

Price: £49.00 *Includes welcome drinks and lunch 



Parenting Talk

Positive Parenting

How to Be An Effective Parent

In Conversation With...

"It’s easier to be a brain surgeon than a really good parent!" - John Coleman. 

From toddlers to teens, no one finds it easy to be a parent.  In this series we bring together a host of experts to help you understand and build parenting skills that will help you to discipline kids as well as to encourage children and adolescents to become the

well- rounded individuals you hope they will be. We welcome Dr Oscar Duke, author of 'How to Be A Dad', Oxford psychologist, author and father, Dr John Coleman, who has written the book 'Why Won't my Teenager Talk To Me', and Early Years Expert Tania Swift, who will talk about everything from brain development, sleep patterns and communication, to offer valuable tools enabling parents and carers to become more effective and resilient.

Date: Saturday 14th September

Venue: Babel
Address:  The Brewery Quarter, St Margaret's Rd, Cheltenham GL50 4FA

Price: £15.00

Sunday 15th September

Rosie Letts_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Why Hormones Are Everything

In Conversation With...

Once synonymous only with PMS, there’s now a growing understanding of how our hormones have a role in affecting many different processes in the body in both men and women, including reproduction, sexual function, metabolism, growth and development, and even mood.

More people are now seeking to arm themselves with the information about their specific physiology.  In this

in-depth discussion, multi-award winning nutritionist Rosie Letts, will empower you with the knowledge about what’s going on in your body so that you can better understand your system at every stage of development.

Date: Saturday 14th September

Venue: Frogmore House
Address: Frogmore House, Ormond Pl, Cheltenham GL50 1JD 

Price: £16.50




Female Fat Loss Formula

In Conversation With...

In pursuit of body perfection but struggling to achieve the results you want? Here, Lincoln

Bryden, fitness presenter, author of Crack The Weight Loss Code, and UK Master Trainer for Metaboliceffectuk, will provide you with the science and practical expertise on why doing all the right things is no longer working; the science to help you shift unhealthy fat and get body confident again, as well as the tips and tools you need to help you achieve optimal health through intelligent exercise. 

Date : Saturday 14th September

Venue: The Workplace
Address:  Frogmore House, Ormond Pl, Cheltenham GL50 1JD

Price: £16.50

Strength victor-freitas-1558147-unsplash


Event Performance

Marginal Gains

Getting the best from the best for the ultimate in health and fitness

Join us for an afternoon talking about what you need to do to achieve optimum fitness, strength and performance to achieve those marginal gains. Hear from the experts that have gone the distance as well as an opportunity to speak to a variety of health professionals on fitness, performance, diet, nutrition and health, giving you a 360 look at your own health. 

VENUE: Babel 
Address: The Brewery Quarter, St Margaret's Rd, Cheltenham GL50 4FA

Price: £12.50

Spaces Available: 60