Outdoor workout



30 Before 8.30

Wake up and get moving with our daily morning moves 

Each morning from Monday 9th - Friday 13th September, wake up and get moving in one of our FREE park workouts.

The aim is to encourage Cheltenham residents to do at least 30 minutes of exercise, every day across the week. You could even challenge yourself to do all five sessions across the week.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Book Your Spot Today!

Date: Tuesday 9th September

Venue: Montpellier Gardens
Address: Montpellier Spa Rd, Cheltenham GL50 1UL

Price: £FREE (Optional Charity Donation)

Spaces Available: 50

A Natural Undertaking.jpg



Funeral Wishes Workshop

How To Plan Your Funeral, Your Way

Today there are no expectations about what a funeral should look like or how we should remember someone who has died. This session brings 

together two incredible female undertakers for a workshop on how to plan for your funeral. Fran Glover and Carrie Weekes will help you understand what is possible to celebrate your life or the life of a loved one. Wave goodbye to convention as we break down the taboo of never talking about the end of our days, allowing you to plan it your way. 

Date: Tuesday 10th September

Venue: Malmaison
Address:  Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham GL50 3AS

Price: £15.00 Including coffee, tea and cake

Spaces Available: 35

Bullet Journaling the-journal-garden-ver



Bullet Journalling

Clear your head and organise your life with Bullet Journalling 

See how simple paper and pens can help you keep on top of your busy home and work life, increase your productivity, and make you happier. Join local entrepreneur and self-confessed life-long stationery addict, business owner and mother-of-three-under-eight Cate Hamilton, to see how bullet journalling saved her sanity, and how this easy activity could save yours. 

Date: Tuesday 10th September

Venue: The Find
Address: 20 Regent St, Cheltenham GL50 1HE

Price: £28.00 including refreshments and bullet journal

Spaces Available: 27




FREE Daily Bonsai Chi 

Nikki Sinclair, Bonsai Chi 

A fusion of flowing and gentle exercise to refresh the mind and body, encouraging you to calm your mind and body, and develop a balanced chi.

This FREE community event offers you the community to experience a different way of moving, connect with others and learn a new skill.  The session will last a maximum of an hour.

Date: Tuesday 10th September  

Venue: Montpellier Gardens 
Address:  Montpellier Gardens Band Stand

Price: £FREE

Spaces Available: 30



The Coconut Tree Feast.jpg



The Coconut Stories 

Sri Lankan street food feast at The Coconut Tree. 

Experience an explosion of flavours, sights and sounds with a Sri Lankan street food feast at The iconic Coconut Tree. 

With the multitude of greens, vegetables, lentils, cashew nuts and coconut milk, Sri Lankan food is said to be one of the healthiest ways of eating, and with The Coconut Tree's ethos: “everyone is welcome to the table,”  you will experience true Sri Lankan hospitality at this very special supper club.

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Date: Tuesday 10th September 

Venue: The Coconut Tree
Address: 59 St Paul's Rd, Cheltenham GL50 4JA

Price: £42.00

Spaces Available: 75

Feng Shui Bonnie.jpg



Feng Shui For Your Home

Balance and Optimise the Energy Flow of Your Home

A fun and interactive workshop with Feng Shui Consultant, Bonnie Lloyd, where you will learn simple methods to be able to balance and optimise the energy flow of your home to generate fulfilment and abundance in all areas of life.  

Date: Tuesday 10th September

Venue: The Isbourne Centre
Address: 3, Isbourne House, Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham GL50 1TH

Price: £10.00

Spaces Available: 20